Depression: How to survive

depression one day at a time
By Alicia Fortinberry, MS

While you’re working on our comprehensive, proven 7-step program for overcoming depression, you may still hit a rough patch from time to time. Don’t lose heart or feel overwhelmed and anxious because you can’t just snap out of it.

Instead, do just ONE SMALL THING at a time and the cloud WILL lift. Here are six quick things to try.

Remind yourself of ONE thing: you are not your depression. This state of pain or panic is not an integral part of you, and it is not your fault. And it will go.
Tell ONE friend how you’re feeling. You may feel awkward at first, but this is exactly what good friends are for.
Figure out ONE thing that someone has done that might have triggered your current feelings, and let them know not to do it again.
Tell someone ONE thing they could do to meet a need of yours, whether it’s inviting you out to the movies or pouring you a cup of tea or coffee.
Take ONE walk today, optimally in a park or natural setting, and notice anything that strikes you’re a colorful, pleasing to your senses or beautiful.
Feldenkrais-type movements that promote immediate improvements in wellbeing and effective movement while stimulating the brain to learn to form new connections on the basis of function instead of habit.
Take ONE minute to talk to your Higher Power, God, guardian angel or Universal Spirit–however you think of this kindly presence, even if you don’t really believe in it. Offer this presence your gratitude, plea for help or even your anger-don’t hold back any emotion at all.
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About the Author

Alicia Fortinberry is an award-winning health writer, and expert on emotional health and optimal relationships. Together with her husband and long-term collaborator Dr Bob Murray, she is founder of the highly successful Uplift Program, and author of Raising an Optimistic Child (McGraw-Hill, 2006) and Creating Optimism (McGraw-Hill, 2004).

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