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Creating Optimism
By Bob Murray, PhD and Alicia Fortinberry, MS

A powerful blueprint to achieve lifelong happiness!

Creating Optimism: A Proven, Seven-Step Program for Overcoming Depression (McGraw-Hill) represents a dramatic breakthrough in understanding and getting what we need to make us happy, effective and emotionally healthy.

Informed by the latest research in the latest research in neurobiology, psychiatry and genetics, Creating Optimism draws on psychologist Bob Murray and psychotherapist Alicia Fortinberry’s 20 years of clinical experience. The book is based on the acclaimed Uplift Program which has been shown to be 94% successful in improving relationships and reducing depression (based on follow-up questionnaires up to 2 years later).

Creating Optimism contains vital new information and practical solutions including:

The truth about depression including what really causes it and why placebos work as well or better than antidepressants.
How the brain is programmed in childhood to form beliefs, behaviors and relationships that promote depression, anxiety and pessimism–and how to defeat these patterns.
How depression lodges in the body through illness, ongoing trauma and patterns of movement and posture.
Techniques for building a supportive and healing network of relationships–the only lasting solution to depression.
How to create and negotiate boundaries (versus barriers) that transform every relationship (with spouse, friends, colleagues, boss and children) from so-so or outright abusive to supportive and empowering.
Dramatically different step-by-step instructions on how to elevate self-esteem, uncover your competence and get others to give you the support you need to shine.
How to find a life-long purpose that sustains you and access one of the most powerful antidepressants–your innate spirituality.
Advice and concrete tools for care-givers working with people in the grips of depression.

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Creating Optimism and Raising an Optimistic Child

Creating Optimism + Raising an Optimistic Child

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Self Help Tips: 8 Fundamentals of Happiness and Optimism
Self Help Tips: 9 Rules for Living with a Depressed Person
Feature: Who’s in Your Tribe? (Chicago Tribune)
Interview: Bob Murray and Alicia Fortinberry (ABC News Chicago)
EBook: 7 Simple Steps to High Self-esteem
Read more about Creating Optimism on our website


“Creating Optimism does just that! An inspiring journey toward happiness that should be required reading for those suffering from the pains of clinical depression or the ‘everyday blues’ of life”

— Ann DeBaldo, PhD, Director of the Center for Positive Health, University of South Florida

“I had the pleasure of reading this truly wonderful book. I recommend that everyone who has or has had depression in some way, read Creating Optimism. There were tons of new ideas that I have not received in any type of therapy before. The book is truly revolutionary.”

— George M. Hoffmeyer, reader review

“Creating Optimism changes lives! In 20 years in this field, this is the most powerful and effective method I have found for creating real and lasting change.”

— Mary Bright, Licenced Clinical Social Worker, Tampa Florida

“An original and provocative treatment of depression.”

— Stanley Krippner, Professor of Psychology, Saybrook Graduate School, California

Read more professional and reader reviews or write an Amazon review.

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Find out about Creating Optimism at a free talk and book signing or a Creating Optimism event. Or attend the Uplift Program intensive and learn Bob and Alicia’s 7-step program for creating optimism and overcoming depression.

Check our event schedule for all dates and locations.

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For media and review copies of Creating Optimism in the US:
[email protected]
For media in Australia:
[email protected]

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Image of Creating Optimism
Creating Optimism:
A Proven, Seven-Step Program for Overcoming Depression

Feb 2004
ISBN 0071417850
224 Pages

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Creating Optimism paperback
Feb 2005
ISBN 0071446834
224 Pages

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Bob Murray, PhD

Alicia Fortinberry, MS
Psychotherapist and
Feldenkrais Practitioner

More about Bob and Alicia

Press Release: Creating Optimism
A breakthrough approach to healing depression.

Interview: Creating Optimism
Bob and Alicia on ABC News, Chicago, discuss how to beat depression using the techniques in Creating Optimism.

Creating Optimism reviews

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