Beat Depression CD Set and Workbook

By Bob Murray, PhD and Alicia Fortinberry, MS

Features information, techniques and exercises from our acclaimed Uplift Intensive workshop!

6 Lessons | Triple CD Set | Bonus Workbook

Now you can access our comprehensive and effective depression self-help program in your own home! Up to twice as effective as other methods, the Uplift Program offers immediate and ongoing relief from depression and anxiety.

Program Content

Dr Bob Murray, psychologist, and Alicia Fortinberry, psychotherapist and Feldenkrais Practitioner, guide you with warmth and encouragement through their interactive step-by-step program.

You will learn radical new insights and practical strategies including:

Myth-shattering new information to help you understand exactly why you’re depressed and how to be free.
Written exercises and techniques for letting go of self-sabotaging patterns and beliefs.
Clear guidance for improving relationships in every area of your life.
Concrete tools for enlisting support in your journey towards emotional wellbeing and career success.
Gentle movement exercises to free the body from stress, trauma and poor posture.
Meditations and creative processes to help you reconnect to your own spirituality and sense of purpose.

What Is Depression?
Learn your Depression Programming
Get your Needs Met
Free your Body From Depression
Enhance your Self-Esteem
Connect to your Spiritual Self

Price: US$35
Price: AU$53



“The audio-programs are really very helpful. When I’m spending time alone (which used to be most of the time), I play them and even when I go to bed, I have them on as background. They have changed me from being isolated and depressed to being able to go out and make friends and become much more optimistic.”

— Linda Winters, Sydney

“At first I resisted doing the written exercises that come with the Beat Depression set, I just listened to Bob and Alicia. I began to trust them and allowed them to guide me through the program. Nothing before had enabled me to understand myself to this extent. For the first time I saw why I was depressed and why nothing had worked. All at once I got clarity and with that clarity came healing.”

— Susan Wyowsky, Florida

“If you want quick results that can have long term benefits, the Uplift method should be considered as an initial therapy. It works!”

— Len Saputo, MD, author of Boosting Immunity Naturally, Director of the Health Medicine Forum, San Francisco

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Find our about Creating Optimism at a free talk and book signing or a Creating Optimism event. Or attend the Uplift Program intensive and learn Bob and Alicia’s 7-step program for creating optimism and overcoming depression.

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Image of Beat Depression
Beat Depression with the Uplift Program

6 Audio Lessons
Triple CD Set
Bonus Workbook
US $35 | AU $53

Bob Murray, PhD

Alicia Fortinberry, MS
Psychotherapist and
Feldenkrais Practitioner

More about Bob and Alicia

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